Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Legal Questions About President Trump's Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

On June 9, 2017 the Congressional Research Service (CRS) published a "Legal Sidebar" report and analysis entitled President Trump's Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Raises Legal Questions.
The questions are:
Pt. 1
  • Will the United States Follow the Multi-Year Process for Withdrawal in Article 28?
  • Can the United States Immediately Withdraw from the Paris Agreement?
  • To What Extent Does the Trump Administration Consider the Paris Agreement Binding Under International Law?
  • Will the United States Remain in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change?
Pt. 2
  • What is the United States’ Role in Future Climate Change Meetings Organized Under the Paris Agreement?
  • What are the Prospects for Legal Challenges to the Withdrawal?
  • What Legal Risks did the President Seek to Avoid by Announcing the Exit?
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