Monday, September 12, 2011

Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economic Discussions Series

The Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economic Discussions Series includes staff working papers on a variety of economic and financial topics of interest to the American public.  For example, Raven Molloy and Hui Shan 's "The Post-Foreclosure Experience of U.S. Households"  looks at  1999 to 2010 data from the credit reports of a large group of individuals.  They concluded, "Although foreclosure considerably raises the probability of moving, the majority of post-foreclosure migrants do not end up in substantially less desirable neighborhoods or more crowded living conditions."

See the links for that report and the complete lists of reports at .

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Remembering 9/11

For a sampling of events, reports, and multi-media information about 9/11, please see the Remembering 9/11 LibGuide .

GAO Study Evaluating US Postal Service Deficit Proposals

The General Accounting Office (GAO) has released a short study addressing the United States Postal Service's (USPS) deficit. GAO evaluates key proposals made by USPS including the
  • USPS proposal to sponsor its own health benefit plan...
  • USPS proposal to seek reimbursement of its $6.9 billion FERS (Federal Employess Retirement System) surplus...
  • USPS proposal on workforce optimization...
The report also poses key questions Congress should address including those that should be considered before USPS creates its own health benefit program.

The report concludes that "USPS’s business model is broken" and that difficult choices must be made.