Monday, November 14, 2011

President Nixon's Grand Jury Tapes Released

According to a National Archive's press release, on November 10, 2011 the first batch of grand jury records from the Presidency of Richard M. Nixon was released from the National Archives and from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. The National Archives site is starting with transcripts of President Nixon's grand jury testimony of June 23-24, 1975, and associated material. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is making available textual materials and sound recordings of segments of five transcripts of White House taped conversations from 1971 and 1973 and approximately 3,000 pages of formerly classified national security materials including transcripts of  Henry Kissinger's telephone conversations.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Digital Goods and Copyright

In copyright law the first sale doctrine gives someone who purchases a copyrighted work the right to sell or dispose of it without getting permission from the copyright holder.  However, according to law professor Annemarie Bridy, regarding digital products " it will increasingly be the case that consumers do not own the information goods they buy (or, rather, think they've bought)." In The Digital Death of Copyright's First Sale Doctrine she reveals that on October 3 the Supreme Court refused to review Vernor v Autodesk, a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision about whether the first sale doctrine applied to transactions involving software and other digital information goods. She concludes:
Under the court's decision in Vernor, all a copyright owner has to do to effectively repeal the statutory first sale doctrine is draft a EULA that (1) specifies that the user is granted a license; (2) significantly restricts the user's ability to transfer the software; and (3) imposes notable use restrictions.
See her article linked above for the full discussion.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Income Distribution Reports

If the Occupy Wall Street movement has you wondering about income distribution in the United States, check out the following sources suggested by Charles E. Malone, Coordinator of Government and Legal Information at Western Illinois University:
Other government agencies also feature wealth-related reports for specific populations:
For those having access to Fondren's databases, ProQuest has prepared a LibGuide entitled Distribution of Wealth - A Selected Bibliography. Fondren has a subscription to Statistical Insight and Congressional (committee prints, hearings and reports). Notice Tips for Searching under To Find Related Reports.