Friday, November 21, 2008

Transition Web Site - New Administration & Congress

As Barack Obama and newly elected Congress members work to effect a smooth transition, help is available from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). On its Serving the Congress and the Nation page, the GAO "provides insight into, and recommendations for addressing the nation’s major issues, risks and challenges." The site also includes video messages from experts and reports for further research.

The following are listed as "urgent issues" for the newly elected leaders to address:

  • oversight of financial institutions and markets,
  • U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan,
  • protecting the homeland,
  • undisciplined defense spending,
  • improving the U.S. image abroad,
  • finalizing plans for the 2010 Census,
  • caring for service members,
  • preparing for public health emergencies,
  • revamping oversight of food safety,
  • restructuring the approach to surface transportation,
  • retirement of the Space Shuttle,
  • ensuring an effective transition to digital TV, and
  • rebuilding military readiness.