Thursday, September 18, 2008

American Community Survey Data Problem

The following message is of interest to anyone who is using FTP with American Community Survey (ACS) files for 2000-2004:

The ACS Archive Files for 2000-2004 have been temporarily removed from the Census FTP site due to problems discovered and related to the files' movement from the American FactFinder (AFF) to the FTP Site, resulting in truncated or missing data and meta-data. Please note this problem does not affect the 2000-2004 data that were previously residing on AFF. Data users who currently have these files downloaded from the FTP Site should discard them and wait until updated files are available for their use. These files will be made available shortly. We will notify users of the re-posting of these files via the ACS errata page located on .

Thank you!

David Donovan
Chief, State and Governmental Programs
Customer Liaison and Marketing Services Office
U.S. Census Bureau