Wednesday, June 25, 2008

White House/Presidents Quiz

With the U.S. Presidential race constantly in the news, how much do you know about past Presidents and the White House? The White House Kids page has an assortment of quizzes aimed to test your knowledge of the White House and its inhabitants. For example, can you answer the following questions? (answers at the end)

1. Who was the only president to get married in the White House?

2. What did Lydia Darrah do to help George Washington's troops at Valley Forge?

3. Which President inspired the March of Dimes?

4. Who was the first President to dedicate a new baseball stadium?

5. President Ronald Reagan was the broadcaster for which baseball team?

1. Grover Cleveland
2. Provided intelligence about the British troops
3. Franklin D. Roosevelt
4. Lyndon B. Johnson – Astrodome – April 9, 1965
5. Chicago Cubs